Tan Sri LLT's portrait
Tan Sri LLT's portrait 2

I fully supported the idea of like-minded Malaysians who are keen to be involved in the promotion of 1 Malaysia.

Such a foundation is needed as a platform to engage all stakeholders in building public awareness and participation in programmes and activities that are in line with the 1 Malaysia concept.

It was with this in mind that I, together with Dr. Chandra Muzaffar , had a private meeting in 2009 to initiative the formation of the 1 Malaysia Foundation.

What I clearly had in mind then was to have an independent Foundation to promote the 1Malaysia concept in the community and to organise activities to further the 1 Malaysia agenda.

The task will not be easy given the serious racial polarisation that exists today but it is very noble and fundamental for the success of our multi-racial and multi-religious Nation.

Since its inception the 1Malaysia Foundation has embarked on various programmes, working in particular with the young generation, to promote a Malaysia that is united in its diversity and founded on the principles of the Rukunegara and the Federal Constitution.