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We would like to invite you to take the first step towards becoming a Friend of Yayasan 1Malaysia!

As a Friend, you will join the ranks of all those who take pride in fostering national unity in line with the 1Malaysia concept. We are pleased to append, at the bottom of this document, the Terms of Reference of a Friend of Yayasan 1Malaysia.


“Friends of Yayasan 1Malaysia” is a community of individuals and corporations who who are linked by a commitment to drive Malaysian national unity by being inter-ethnic bridge builders. This community will be guided by Yayasan 1Malaysia’s (Y1M) Mission and Vision:

Vision: To engage all Malaysians in working towards national unity and the 1Malaysia concept.

Mission: Yayasan 1Malaysia is dedicated to develop, support and spearhead activities and programmes promoting national unity

Being a “Friend of the Foundation” means becoming more closely involved and taking part in specially organised activities.

It means discovering national unity in all its facets in a friendly, dynamic environment. It means sharing interests and concerns with Malaysians from all walks of life.

Comprising individuals and organisations, this is a non-profit group under the auspices of Yayasan 1Malaysia.

Individuals and corporations wishing to become a “Friend of Yayasan 1Malaysia” can register at Y1M website www.perpaduan.org.


“Friends of Yayasan 1Malaysia” will provide assistance in four (4) primary areas:

  • Provide collective dynamism, commitment, expertise and resources for the successful implementation of national unity projects identified by Y1M
  • Identify significant national unity projects to support Y1M’s aspirations
  • Develop a spirit of national unity amongst Malaysians
  • Support community-based organizations or projects in Malaysia that promote national unity

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