Reason Joining YPM: "Passion for unity"

Suhaila has more than 12 years of experience in consulting and has served in various sectors ranging from public sector to ICT. She has worked, amongst other things, on issues of growth strategy, talent management, performance management and KPIs, business planning, organisation restructuring and public policy formulation and review.

To me, unity is never about similarities, nor about sameness. It’s not about us homogenously looking, talking or acting the same. We are not united because we are similar, but we must because we are different. For someone who always believe in being different, I do think that our beauty, as a country, lies in our differences, in the variations that we bring to the total sum. And thus, unity is ultimately about acknowledging, encouraging that differences while anchoring it on a strong sense of understanding, respect, tolerance and accommodation. Let’s be different and let’s cherish each other for our differences, because these differences make us a very unique, colourful sum.

I am proud to have been involved in the set-up of the Yayasan Perpaduan Malaysia, albeit nominally, and hope that I can continue to contribute and support their effort in creating that sense of unity – that is based on clear knowledge of our history, mutual understanding and respect of our differences – for this beloved, beautiful country of ours.