Firstly, I firmly believe in the Vision and Mission of the 1Malaysia ideology and its overall concept of ‘national unity’ for our young developing Nation. It is inconceivable that we can achieve true nationalism, indeed survive, without contributing to the ideals of unity and harmony.

As a representative from Sarawak, I feel we can contribute to these ideals. For the notion of unity and harmony is almost second-nature among our many ethnics living in a multi-cultural society. In Sarawak, the 1Malaysia ideology is not new – it has been observed in Sarawak for a long time, hence can be considered as a reasonably natural one: and not something invented for the present purpose. Our experiences and capabilities to understand and respect one another cultures is an integral part of Sarawak society.

In this respect, YPM is an institution that can provide an avenue for me to contribute in some small ways our Sarawak’s ‘cultural intelligence’ to the wider society for the purpose of National unity.

Secondly, I believe 1Malaysia ideology can be a bridge between East and West Malaysia. Its overall message is of sharing and integrating socio-economic aspirations of the Nation, based on unity and inclusiveness. In this respect, it aspires to the creation of an egalitarian and harmonious life-style between the different regions of the Nation.

Finally, Malaysia is only 50 years, in comparison with other countries that have long historical pedigree. It is a long journey towards the achievement of a true nationalism, with obstacles of social, cultural, and economic disparities thrown along its path. 1Malaysia ideology is a beacon that lights the way towards achieving a harmonious and united Nation.

YPM is one of its enlightened tools – for this reason I am proud to be part of it.