An independent, non-profit foundation by a group of eight prominent Malaysians.

“One of the monumental challenges facing the nation is the evolution of a shared Malaysian identity that all ethnic communities are comfortable with. It has to be an identity that transcends specific ethnic identities, and yet celebrates our tremendous ethnic diversity. No community should feel threatened by such an all-encompassing notional identity.” – Dr. Chandra Muzaffar.

The objective of the foundation are to develop, support and spearhead activities and programmes that will engage all Malaysians towards national unity and the 1 Malaysia concept.

As the Chairman of the foundation, I believes what binds us together, is our single minded and total commitments to the need to lift the 1 Malaysia concept to a higher level. And this requires conscious and deliberate efforts on our parts, to convince all Malaysians that 1 Malaysia is worth striving for.

In the spirit of the Prime Minister’s statement that the era of “Government knows best” has come to an end, we at Yayasan Perpaduan Malaysia hope to foster a rational balanced discourse between the citizenry and the State, on issues of national importance and urgency, the promotion of which is our efforts to sustain and nurture national unity and identity.