Malaysia can truly be the great nation it was always meant to be.

When the call came to ask me if I would join Yayasan Perpaduan Malaysia as a trustee, I was flattered and immediately taken by the prospect of doing my bit and contribute towards a Malaysia fulfilling its potential of becoming a harmonious society, where differences between people are not seen as a divider but as a tool to celebrate the wonderful tapestry that makes up Malaysia’s population.

Too many times we see society polarising itself needlessly. We seem to forget that what we have right below our noses is a soup, a truly wonderful and unique Malaysian soup, that can not only feed society, but give it its strength and uniqueness in the world. This strength and uniqueness is not something to be taken lightly. Harnessed well, it will give Malaysians a truly competitive position in the world, able to see things from a multi-layered point of view, able to approach any given subject from an understanding of harmony, togetherness and strength.

Many times I have been in situations that only a Malaysian, with his or her understanding of how to handle different points of views, could offer a unique solution that would break a stalemate. Many times the soup, OUR soup, can help us get through brick walls, even innovate.

This is why I joined Yayasan Perpaduan Malaysia. I would like to do my bit to remind Malaysians to celebrate our differences, to love each other for being different, not in spite of being different.

If we could all agree on that direction, and put aside compartmentalising and stereotyping based on the colour of our skin, then Malaysia can truly be the great nation it was always meant to be.