On behalf of Yayasan 1Malaysia, I would like to convey our deepest condolences on the sad demise of Sarawak Chief Minister, Tan Sri Adenan Satem to the people of Sarawak; to his wife Puan Sri Jamilah and family; and to his colleagues in the Sarawak State Government.

Tan Sri Adenan’s demise is a huge loss to not only the people of Sarawak but also to all Malaysians. A sincere advocate of Sarawak rights, he was also a courageous champion of Malaysian unity. He realized that to forge solidarity and cohesiveness among all Malaysians, one had to adopt and implement policies that were just and fair to everyone. He was an ardent believer in inclusiveness. He was an uncompromising opponent of bigotry and chauvinism.

For unity to become a reality, Adenan emphasized equitable development that would bring the hitherto neglected segments of society into the mainstream. Development however cannot be divorced from integrity. Adenan took some concrete measures to ensure that corruption and the abuse of power were curbed and controlled.

His struggle to enhance integrity like his attempt to promote more equitable development and to strengthen Sarawak autonomy within the framework of a united, harmonious  Malaysian nation were part of an ongoing agenda. His did not accomplish his mission. Much more remains to be done. One hopes that his successor will continue to pursue the goals that Tan Sri Adenan set.

Continuing his noble mission for the people of Sarawak and the rest of Malaysia would be the best way of preserving and perpetuating Tan Sri Adenan’s legacy.

May Allah in His Mercy place Adenan’s soul among the righteous in the hereafter.

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