For most Malaysian citizens, whatever their state or party affiliation, the Mukhriz Mahathir issue is important because of its impact upon democracy and governance.

A cabal should not be allowed to remove a Mentri Besar who occupies his position by virtue of the constitutional and democratic processes operating in our nation. The cabal of 14 divisional heads within Kedah UMNO did not even hold meetings and adopt resolutions within their respective divisions on the question of Mukhriz’s Mentri Besarship. Neither has a meeting of the Kedah State Assembly been held to debate a motion of no-confidence in Mukhriz as Mentri Besar. If such a meeting takes place, the elected representatives from both sides of the Dewan Undangan would be expected to vote on the basis of the people’s feelings about Mukhriz’s suitability as head of the Kedah Government. That is what an elected representative is supposed to do in a democracy.

Of course, unless the present State Assembly is dissolved and a state-wide election is held immediately, it may not be possible to gauge the level of support that Mukhriz commands within the electorate in Kedah. In the absence of such a move, those who cherish democratic principles should abide by the verdict of the people in the 2013 Election and not challenge Mukhriz’s position as Mentri Besar. After all, it was the announcement that Mukhriz would become Mentri Besar if the Barisan Nasional re-captured Kedah that swung the popular vote in favour of the BN.

The only compelling reason for forcing Mukhriz out as Mentri Besar would be if he had failed to live up to the standard of governance expected of a Mentri Besar.  From all accounts, Mukhriz has been a good and capable leader. He is clean and honest and has met many of the aspirations of the people. Ensuring an effective public delivery system, creating jobs, upgrading infrastructure and reducing politicking at the grassroots in order to concentrate upon development have been among his priorities. There is meaningful rapport between the people and the government. If there are shortcomings in his governance he should be admonished and corrected, not removed from office through vague and nebulous allegations which have no basis at all.


It is obvious that the attempt to oust Mukhriz has nothing to do with his governance. Nor does it accord with democratic principles. It appears to be a mischievous move aimed at helping someone tighten his grip over power — to the detriment of the people.

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