1Malaysia Foundation fully supports the symbolic “Walk to four places of worship” at Brickfields to symbolize that Malaysia is a land of religious harmony.

It is very much in line with the stand of our Foundation that there is no place for racial and religious bigots in a multi-racial and multi-religious country like ours.
Peace and harmony in Malaysia can only be sustained through the practice of the principles of moderation in politics, religion and all spheres of human activity.

Extremism is synonymous with fanaticism, radicalism and bigotry while moderation means tolerance, understanding and mutual respect for one another.

In multi-racial Malaysia we cannot afford any display of religious intolerance. Mutual respect and acceptance of the diverse ethnicities, cultures and religions as provided for under the Federal Constitution must be upheld at all times.

If we can all embrace such values, peace and harmony will prevail.

1Malaysia Foundation had in the past organized similar program called “Muhibbah Walk” which involved secondary school students within Klang Valley in October 2011 and March 2012.

The purpose of the program was to enhance the understanding of the student on their friends religions and believes, thoughts, practices and cultures. Places of worship that had been visited were Sri Mahariamman Temple KL, Masjid Negara, St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral and Thean Hou Temple.

*image source: https://www.themalaysiantimes.com.my/

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