Recognising the important role of teachers in nation-building, I wish to congratulate all teachers in conjunction with Teacher’s Day today (May 16 2015)

Teachers should be recognized and appreciated at all times, those who are serving and those who had served, particularly those who had left a legacy and deep impression in us.

The theme for this year’s Teachers Day celebration is most meaningful which is “Builders of knowledge and Character” which aptly describes the role of teachers.

Teaching is a very noble profession that is imperative for nation building.

I share the view that those who aspire to join the teaching profession must not only love teaching but also love the children and see them through.

Teachers have the opportunity to educate and would standards into future leaders and by touching one life they may be able to change a generation.

Teachers can also play an important role in encouraging school-going children of all races to interact and mingle with one another to promote inter-racial understanding and accelerate the process of social cohesion, integration and unity.

Character development is an important objective in our education system and we need to approach it systematically. For such programmes to be successful, a total approach, where opportunities for character development permeate different aspects of the school curriculum and environment, is needed. Every experience a child goes through, be it classroom lessons, the various relationship, the disciplinary measures, co-curricular activities, will each have an impact on the development of a child’s character, values and disposition.

That is the reason why I am a staunch believer to start this critical nation-building effort of developing the next generation of leaders instilling a character-based culture and following the systematic and proven methodology of CHARACTER FIRST.
Involving and training the parents to be a collaborative partner in the task of balancing the academic skills of students with the need for character training. That is what preparing them for the world is all about.

The success of our education system is judged not only by the academic achievements of our students, their performance in international competitions or standing in comparisons of science and mathematics prowess. The success of our system needs also to be judged by the quality of the people the education system produces- their knowledge, their integrity and their character; their attitude towards life, their ability to be team-players, and their sense of responsibility and commitment to the Nation and the community they belong.

Indeed, the character, attitudes and values of our young are essential aspects we have to mould and nurture. While it is important that our students perform well at important national examinations and win accolades in international competitions, of equal importance is their holistic development. We aim to ensure that the whole personality is balanced so that our students’ development takes into account the moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetic aspects.

Teachers determine the educational experience of each child. They play a pivotal role in building the character of the students. They are not only important role models. They can also open the door to a world of discovery and learning through engaging and meaningful discussions and thoughtful reflection following a child’s experience. Such experiences should lead to positive learning. Thus, the teacher plays a critical role to shape and reinforce the proper learning outcomes.


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