There should be greater effort and commitment by political leaders and all strata of society to work towards a united Malaysian nation by emphasising on moderation and rejecting all forms of extremism which have been amplified beyond acceptable norms.

“Malaysians need to go back to the 1957 Merdeka spirit and work towards genuine reconciliation, racial and religious harmony,” said 1Malaysia Foundation Trustee, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. This was among the items in Lee’s wish list for the year 2015.

He said New Year is the time for new beginnings, which is an opportunity for reflection and taking stock of both our achievements and failures.

“It is also a time to review existing government policies, look forward to new ideas and new ways of doing things to build a better Malaysia for all. It is with this in mind that I would like to put forward my wish list for the New Year,” he said. The other items in his wish list are:

  1. More needs to be done by the Government with the co-operation of the people to work towards the protection of our environment, build a more sustainable environment for the future generation and address all environmental concerns which can cause destructive floods and other natural disasters. Civilisation can be destroyed if it does not make peace with the environment;
  2. Turn the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into a truly autonomous and independent body in the fight against corruption. Continuous and serious efforts must be made to instil integrity and ethical values into both the public and private sectors to counter corruption which is pervasive affecting almost every aspect of live;
  3. Efforts need to be intensified by the Government to promote and build a Total Safety Culture where safety is no longer a priority but an enduring value to prevent more accidents and loss of lives either on the roads or at the workplace;
  4. More initiatives are needed to help Malaysians particularly the middle and low-income groups to cope with the escalating cost of living and minimise its impact on the people; O Intensify efforts to reduce crime and beef up the Nation’s security especially in Eastern Sabah in the interest of public safety;
  5. Ensure the emergence of an efficient maintenance culture that will provide the rakyat with better amenities for their use.

Lee said that political leaders should reduce politicking and concentrate on managing the country and giving confidence to the people to face the multiple challenges that lie ahead.

“Malaysians are greatly concerned about the Nation’s economy. “The Government should continue its efforts to bolster the Nation’s economy and provide the people with more and fairer opportunities to secure a higher standard of living and better quality of life in line with the Government’s commitment to become a high income Nation,” he said.

4 January 2015

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