Aug 22 will be remembered as a day of national mourning for the Malaysian victims of the MH17 tragedy.


All Malaysians were told to pay respect for the return of the remains of the victims whose lives were taken away by a senseless act in Eastern Ukraine when the plane they were in were shot down by unidentified persons.

I turned up at the Bumi Raya Complex at KLIA to pay my last respects to those who lost their precious lives.

Although none of those who perished were my relatives or personal friends but as a fellow Malaysian human being my thoughts and feelings were with the family’s of the deceased irrespective of race or religion.

The mood was sombre at the Complex as the dignitaries and invited guests waited for the arrival of the remains.

As the specially chartered Jumbo 747 touched down at 9.45am and taxied along the runway towards the reception area, I could not help shedding tears for like many others I was unable to control my emotions as the scene was so touching and heart-wrenching.

What crossed my mind at that very moment was why this senseless tragedy.

When planes land it was supposed to be joyful as passengers are returning home to be with their loved ones.

But not this time joy turned to sorrow and agony when a plane brought back the remains of their loved ones.

The Armed Forces, Police and all agencies involved should be complimented for a well-co-ordinated effort which ensured the solemn ceremony proceeded smoothly with dignity and national honour for all the victims concerned.

Now that the remains arrived home, the families have reasons to be relieved. Now at least the remains of the deceased would be given a decent and dignified burial. For this Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak had played a vital role which must be recognised.

Although the return of the remains were crucial for the families concerned, the MH17 tragedy has not been brought to a closure yet.

What remains to be done now is for Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries involved to mount an international effort to seek justice for all the victims of MH17 tragedy.

Eventually those who are responsible for that evil act of downing the MAS passenger plane must be brought to justice in an international criminal court. It is a crime against humanity.

This is by no means easy. It is most challenging in terms of getting all the necessary evidence.

Although it is going to be a long road for justice but for the sake of all the victims and for the sake of justice action has to be taken collectively by all the nations involved.

To those remains that were brought home today it is very apt to say: “Welcome home Malaysian…. here you were born and here you will be laid to rest….. It is your home.”


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