Yayasan 1Malaysia welcomes the call made by the Conference of Rulers to the Government to expedite the completion of investigations related to 1MDB and to take “appropriate stern action” against all found to be implicated in the scandal. The Rulers also asked all concerned to extend “real and sincere cooperation” for the investigation to achieve its objectives. In this regard, the Rulers also emphasized the importance of all enforcement agencies and regulatory institutions fulfilling “God’s trust and the people’s faith with transparency, credibility and integrity.” It is equally significant that the Rulers cautioned that our inter-religious harmony should “never be sacrificed for shallow political aims.”

One hopes that all those who wield power and influence in Malaysian society at this point in time will pay close attention to every word in the statement of the Conference of Rulers. The advice contained therein, if followed scrupulously, will help to resolve some serious challenges pertaining to integrity and honesty in governance facing the nation today. If, on the other hand, the wise counsel of the Rulers is ignored, and the truth continues to be concealed and camouflaged through Machiavellian political machinations, the people will suffer and the future of the nation will be imperiled.

Our nation is at a crossroads. The national leadership has to do what is morally right NOW.
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